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Time to Catch Up!

This past year has been amazing!!! There’s been a few snags in the road but I am still here and still excited about life. There is much to be thankful for. This year I moved my family, with wife and two children from the coal regions of Northeast Pennsylvania all the way to Las Vegas, NV. We made the trip in our van with travel trailer attached. It was such a long trip! We departed in September and arrived in October.

At first, we had planned to stay only a few months. We were treating the trip as a missions endeavor through our non-profit, Love All Around. I had been substitute teaching and playing gigs throughout Vegas to help fund our “temporary” visit. Until one day I walked into an elementary school as a substitute with guitar in hand and was immediately offered a long term position. After a brief on the spot interview with the principal, I walked out with a full time music teacher position as a long term substitute. I could not believe it!

Welcome to Vegas!

Since our arrival in Las Vegas, I’ve had some truly incredible opportunities to perform for a variety of new clients. My first paid Vegas gig was a grad/pool party at a gorgeous home in the heights of Henderson, NV. That gig alone established me here because I was able to purchase a nice professional sound system immediately after booking! The performance went extremely well. I played guitar and sang for those guests for SIX HOURS. Afterwards, I stayed a little longer to jam awhile with the graduate who made it all possible. We sang “Cats in The Cradle” and a few more of his favorites. I am very thankful for those clients. They have helped me get established here in Vegas.

That gig was months ago. And just a few weeks ago, the same family has requested me again. It really means a lot to me when a previous client asks me to return to perform again. In fact, I LOVE the potential for building long term friendships with people through gigs. It’s the reason why I always gift my albums at shows. There’s something deeper in all of this for me. I can sense a divine purpose behind every song I sing. Especially my originals! And folks who are eager to pay artists like me for live entertainment are AWESOME! I am so grateful!!

My next event was for a very successful company here in Vegas; Luxurious Real Estate. I was thrilled to perform poolside for an estate open house in a $4 million home. For this gig, I stood in the corner of an empty room while potential buyers explored the other countless rooms in the home. It was almost like a practice gig at times. But occasionally they would come back to my area, throw me a smile, and glide past me for a snack. I have fun during those times. It truly does not bother me at all to play for an empty room. In those moments I just enjoy what I do. I often spend these times experimenting with my voice or improvising complete songs with my phone on “Record” in my top shirt pocket. More ammo for the studio arsenal!

Using my gift to help others succeed or add happiness to their life is a priceless ability. I greatly enjoy setting the mood and tone of a moment for people who are falling in love or in the middle of that decision. Often I am asked to perform for weddings, engagements, special dinners, etc. and I find that what I provide often becomes the catalyst for the entire event. It’s SO… MUCH… FUN!!!

If you are looking for an artist to help you make a memory with a loved one, or if you desire music to fill the venue for your next party, don't hesitate to contact me! i love what I do and I will help make your event spectacular!

Until next time!

-JJ Beauvais

Professional Sound – Unlimited Repertoire

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