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Hey friends! Thanks for tuning in. Last time I shared about the first two gigs I did in Vegas. It

was a pool party and a real estate open house that helped me get established here. I was able to earn a strong recommendation from both venues, which gave me some affirmation about my future here as a hired musician. Since then, I’ve been travelling back and forth throughout the stony hills of California and performing more than ever before (when I’m not teaching music)!

In the past few months I’ve performed for several weddings, a pair of funerals, a few engagements, and some casino house parties. I’ve been to Buena Park, Anaheim, Fullerton, Temecula, Turlock, Merced, Hollywood, Riverside, Newport Beach and a many other gorgeous CA cities, most of which I could easily recommend for a vacation stay.

I was blessed to provide vocals and acoustic guitar for an unplugged performance at the Rio with Nashville recording artist Jackson Young. Immediately after that display, I provided full DJ/Emcee services (same day) at the Mandalay Bay.

Later that month I brought live music poolside for several clients at the the Bamboo Pool &

Lounge. Bamboo Pool was one of those events where the client had seemed self-conscious about hiring a singer guitarist for this particular crowd. I started in on a few of my smooth jams with the volume low to please the crowd and appease the boss who consequently just wanted me as background music (I love being background music). But it didn’t take long before they were all asking me to pump up the volume. The crowd was ultra responsive. There I was, singing atop the southern wing of the Cosmopolitan for a crowd of several hundred executives from Washington D.C. and they were absolutely digging me. I almost ran out of albums that evening. I’m pretty sure they’ll be having me back next year.

I'd love to provide excellent quality entertainment for your next event.

Call or email me! I am eager to hear from you!

JJ Beauvais


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