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"UP" Engagement

One of my favorite gig types is surprise engagements. I was recently brought in to sing a pair of tunes for a lovely couple on the coastal cliffs of La Jolla, California. The gentleman who was proposing had a really cool idea. He tasked a balloon specialist to make a tiny house which resembled the house from the animated movie, "Up." The near exact replica sat beside me on the rocks with a cluster of colored balloons fastened to its rooftop.

A crowd of onlookers who seemed intrigued by the sight of a guitarist and a balloon house began to gather. Some were even taking pictures next to the house with me in the background.

I strummed lightly as the couple climbed a guardrail and followed the path down to the stony Cliff where the "Up-house" and I waited patiently for their arrival. I began to play. Then he bowed his knee as I rounded the first verse into the prechorus of Lifehouse's timeless classic, "Everything!"

...How can I stand here with you... and not be moved by you...

The crowd began to cheer as she nodded her head in excitement! They hugged as I finished the song and transitioned into the chorus of "Feels Like the First Time," another Lifehouse favorite.

I just love making memories that will last forever!

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