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JJ is also "Mr. Beauvais"

In addition to providing music for all kinds of parties and special events throughout Vegas and Los Angeles, I am also a full-time music teacher at Cortez ES here in Las Vegas (where we currently reside). No matter what happens in my life or where life leads me, I will always remember this amazing school as the place where I became a choir director.

I first developed the choir last spring and was soon blessed to lead them in their debut performance for a HUGE supply drive at Mandalay Bay! Those 25 students (2nd-5th graders) sang "I Believe I Can Fly" in a packed convention hall and knocked it out of the park! So much so that they were asked to sing the same song twice in back to back performances that day!!

Shortly thereafter, we received another booking request... and then another...

Now that we've performed more, we've begun to feel as if we are part of something really big and important here in Las Vegas.

Texas Station Casino was a blast! We received news coverage that day as word continued to spread about our inspiring students. Then, a few months later, we gained interest from one of my favorite places, Hard Rock! There we sang a handful of Christmas songs to rally more donations for Cortez.

Big thanks to Hard Rock who donated 9 guitars, 4 violins and much much more.

One thing is for sure, I would've never thought I would EVER become a choir director. This has been an amazing experience!

Thanks for reading ;) Check out these videos...

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